Who We Are

Vibemedic is a unique medical device innovation platform, elevating outstanding medical technology projects, from innovative ideas into commercial products. At Vibemedic, we provide a fast evaluation track of innovative ideas, using our intellectual property, engineering, business strategy and manufacturing expertise. 


Vibemedic vision provides a full service aimed at converting promising technologies into commercial products in the fastest and most effective path, using the help of our internal team and our industrial, medical and financial partners.


Vibemedic is led by experienced professionals in the field of medical device development, with vast expertise in inventing and promoting new medical devices, with specific focus on the development of implants, surgical tooling and endoscopy devices.


Located in the STI building in Or Akiva, the Vibemedic team will be happy to meet with all inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers who believe they have the technology or a unique idea that can improve human health and well-being.

Address: 9 HaHadas Street, P.O.Box 34, Or Akiva, Israel .  Phone:+972-4-6101103 .  Fax:+972-4-6101104 .  info@vibemedic.com