Tovy Sivan
Chairman, Co-Founder

Mr. Tovy Sivan, Vibemedic Co-founder and Chairmain brings an extensive background in medical products development and manufacturing. In 1998, Tovy founded STI Laser Industries Ltd. STI has developed high-precision leading edge laser processing technologies for the manufacturing of innovative medical components. The company provides the engineering and manufacturing platform for new projects in the field of medical devices (implants and custom tooling) and offers OEM services to medical component companies around the world. Prior to founding STI, he served as VP Business Development at Hamavlet Metal Works. Tovy also enjoyed a 23-year career as a pilot in the Israel Air Force. He is a Co-founder of 7 startup companies, including V-Wave, Amsel Medical, Meditate and Endoways and serves as the Chairman of Virtual Ports. He holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from the New York Institute of Technologies.


Dr. Tamir Ben David
CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Tamir Ben David, Vibemedic Co-founder is an industry expert combining domain expertise with entrepreneurship. With over 18 years of experience and over 100 patents in the field of medical device, Tamir brings excellent management skills and is a driving force behind the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in the company. His experience includes strategic business development, practical R&D management for innovative medical device companies and IP strategy planning. Among his recent activities are companies producing monitoring systems, diagnostic platforms, active and passive implantable devices, nerve stimulation technologies and surgical tooling for orthopedic implants. In addition, Tamir was also involved in defining and developing disease management technologies in the fields of cardiology, neurology and orthopedics. He is currently serving as President of OB-Tools, an Israeli company developing non-invasive technology for uterine and fetal monitoring, as Co-founder and President of Cogniguard, an Israeli company developing a non-invasive nerve stimulation platform for treatment of Alzheimer and Epilepsy, as President of Virtual Ports, an Israeli company developing advanced laparoscopic surgical tooling and as Co-founder of Endoways, an Israeli company developing a robotic self-propelling micro-catheter. Prior to founding Vibemedic, Tamir served as CEO of BSP Biological Signal Processing, as General Manager of CerebralRx, as Division Vice President at BioControl, and as Deal flow manager at IHVC venture fund.
Dr. Ben David holds a Ph.D. (with honors) in Physics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.



Noam Shamay

Mr. Noam Shamay, Vibemedic CTO has over 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, leading R&D projects and companies form kickoff through all design and development phases up to regulatory approval and market penetration. In 2006 Noam founded Ovalum Ltd. and served as CEO. He is responsible for 5 minimally invasive products launched in the US & EU with FDA clearance and CE regulatory approvals. In 2012 Noam founded Qvasc Co. a company developing a device for stroke.  Qvasc Co. was sold to ITGI medical Ltd. Noam is an inventor with over 50 patents in the medical device field. Between 2001-2005, Noam led the R&D and regulatory teams at Medinol Ltd.


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